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Unveiling the Inner Workings of EPS Block Molding Machines


EPS (polystyrene foam) block molding machine (EPS block molding machine) is a kind of equipment used to make EPS foam blocks. Here's how it basically works:



1. Raw material preparation: First, EPS granules or granular EPS raw materials need to be loaded into the hopper of the machine. These particles are usually white particles and are the main component of polystyrene.


2. Preheating of pellets: EPS block mold machines are usually equipped with a heating system to preheat EPS pellets to make them soft and easy to process. This preheating process helps the particles fuse together better.


3. Compression and expansion: Preheated EPS pellets are fed into a mold cavity. The machine then applies pressure, compressing the particles tightly together. Next, by injecting steam or hot air, the EPS particles start to expand, filling the space inside the mold.


4. Cooling and solidification: Once the EPS pellets expand to the desired size and density, the steam or hot air is stopped and the temperature inside the mold begins to decrease. In this way, the EPS block starts to cool and gradually solidifies.


5. Mold opening and ejection: When the EPS block is completely cooled and solidified, the mold will be opened, allowing the finished EPS block to be ejected from the mold.


6. Cutting and shaping: The discharged EPS blocks usually need further cutting and shaping to meet specific size and shape requirements. This can be done with additional equipment or manually.


The key to this process is applying the proper pressure and temperature inside the mold to ensure the final EPS block is of the desired density, size and quality. EPS block mold machines are commonly used in the manufacture of construction materials, packaging materials and other applications requiring light weight, insulation and compression resistance. Different models of EPS block mold machines can produce EPS blocks of different sizes and densities.

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