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Applications of the EPS lost foam casting (LFC)


Lost foam casting(LFC)is a new technology with precise forming,no need eps mould,no parting line on the surface,no sand hole,no edge,less tolerance and less manufacturing step.Comparing the traditional casting technology,LFC has many advantages.The LFC applied widely especially in the auto and pipe industry in condition of the EPS lost foam casting is easy carving and fast foaming

Here,let us introduce the flow for EPS mould production. Other information about casting,please refer to the relevant literature.

Made of foam beads: pre expander -- aging -- foaming molding -- cooling


EPS beads shall be pre-expanded before being added into the mold, so as to expand the beads to a certain size. The pre expander process determines the density, dimensional stability and accuracy of the model, which is one of the key links.


The pre expanded EPS beads are placed in a dry and ventilated silo for a certain time. In order to balance the internal and external pressure of the bead bubble, make the bead have elasticity and re expansion ability, and remove the water on the bead surface. The curing time is 4~8 hours.

3.Foaming molding

The foamed and matured EPS beads are filled into the cavity of the metal mold, heated to make the beads expand again, fill the gap between the beads, and make the beads blend with each other to form a smooth surface. The mold must be cooled down to below the softening temperature before it is cast.

Made of EPS block: EPS block -- hot wire CNC cutting -- bonding -- mold

For a simple model, CNC cutting device can be used to cut the foam sheet into the required model.

For the complex model, CNC cutting device is used first to divide the model into several parts, and then stick them to form a whole model.






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