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Knowledge about EPS shape molding machine


EPS molding machines produce parts with custom-designed specifications, such as electronics packaging. EPS is a rigid, porous plastic that can be found in many shapes and applications. It is most commonly used in fish box, consumer product packaging and building insulation.


What is an EPS shape moulding machine?


The main proponents of an EPS shape moulding machine are Delta PLC Pneumatic Control&Touch Screen, ESG Steam angle-seat valve, Afriso Steam gauge, Yuken Hydraulic station, Burkert Solenoid valves .A reliable EPS shape moulding machine is often equipped with vacuum system for fast product molding and cooling, multiple de-molding device for handling difficult-to-de-mold product and stands for machine. All of the components mentioned above are installed to achieve rapid production and proportionally driven steam and air controls,which are also meant to saves energy and shortens cycle time.


How to operate EPS shape molding machine?


So, if you have a high quality EPS molding machine, how would you operate it? The problem is not difficult, because this kind of machines are mostly automatic, you just need to pay attention to the control box. EPS molding machines are usually controlled by a touch screen, and its operator can interact with the machine through the touch screen. The main job of the operator is to use the screen to correctly input the special molds that need to be produced, and set the production quantity and detailed indicators.


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