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Main features of continuous pre -expander machine


1.The continuous pre -expander machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, quantitative pressure feeding, and fully automatic production.

2. High quality closed constant pressure foaming, high thermal efficiency, more than 50% steam saving than continuous pre -expander machine.

3. High precision imported pneumatic valve control parts are used to control the temperature within ± 1%, EPS beads are consistent, and the moisture content is extremely low.

4. The correct feeding method can make the density of foamed beads very uniform.

5. High degree of automation, automatic material extraction, foaming, drying screening and foam conveying are all completed automatically.

6. High production efficiency, stable operation and high performance ratio.

7. Through careful design, the structure of the continuous pre foaming machine is more reasonable. The machine automatically completes the feeding, screening, crushing and conveying to the curing bin. It is very convenient to choose the primary and secondary structure forms, and different feeding forms can be arbitrarily selected to achieve the ideal foam density. The carefully selected parts and reasonable structure of the whole machine make the operation very reliable, higher efficiency and lower maintenance.

8. The inside and outside of the barrel are made of all stainless steel. Insulation measures shall be taken for the interlayer. Reliable performance, stable quality, high production efficiency and low energy consumption.

9. According to the needs of users, there are heightening and fully automatic feeding devices that can be customized.

The barrel of the continuous pre -expander machine is made of excellent stainless steel plate, with tight structure. The contamination of beads due to corrosion is avoided. The feeding temperature is adjusted by the valve, and the production density is very uniform and stable. It is very convenient for maintenance and durable.

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