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What is the working principle of shape moulding machine


About shape molding machine:


What is the working principle of shape molding machine?


shape molding machine


Foam is now applied in many packages, which plays a role of slow vibration and prevents the damaged parts from being damaged by external mechanical forces.


Foam is made of shape molding machine. Do you know the working principle of shape molding machine? Let's have a look.


1. Definition of shape molding machine


When used for product packaging, the material that can generate plastic foam is injected into the gap between the container and the film lined interior, and the machine is formed by chemical reaction to form foam cushioning material tightly packed inside.


2. The working principle of foam forming machine


♥ Foam will not emerge from the sky. It must be made by special process for foaming equipment.


♥ Foaming equipment is a device that can make a certain concentration of water solution (foaming agent) into foam.


♥ Foaming agent itself can not automatically become a bubble, it must through foam machine's mechanical function can become a bubble.


♥ The foaming equipment itself can not produce bubbles without any cost. It disperses the air into the foaming agent aqueous solution evenly and realizes the contact surface of the liquid gas as large as possible, so that the surface active substances in the foaming agent form a double electric layer on the liquid film surface and encircling the air, forming bubbles.


♥ Foaming machine and foaming agent are a technical system that cooperate with each other and can not play a role alone.


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