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EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line

The whole production line is controlled by PLC. It uses frame structure to fix the wire mesh and EPS panel to pushed forward wholly. Diagonal wire use conduiy as guidance to cut in sections automatically.The position switch control the feeding length of wire.



1. Singlelayer 3D Panel;double layers 3D panel;floor/roof panel

2. Controlled by PLC and uses frame structure

3. 7x24 tracking services

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EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line
EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line
EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line
EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line
EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line

Technical Date

 Wire Mesh Welder Brief  3D Panel Machine Brief
Voltage AV380V 50Hz Voltage AC380V 50Hz
Connection Power 60kw Connection Power 60kw
Net Welding Mesh 50x50,50x100,100x100 mm Finished Dimension 2400~3000*1200*70~120 mm
Net width 1200 mm EPS board Thickness 50~100 mm
Capacity 900~1000m2/day Capacity 450~500 m2/day
Weight 3400 kg Weight 3400 kg
Achine Overall Diamension 4000*2200*1300 mm Achine Overall Diamension 7000*1900*2100 mm
Welding Strength ≥330N Welding Strength ≥330N
Welding Shortage ≤ 1.5% Welding Shortage ≤ 3%


EPS 3D Panels Line



1. The machine applies PLC and touch screen with advanced moulding technique and can produce various shapes of EPS products;

2. The machine adopts pressurized filling. featuring high speed and full feeding..25-36 automatic filling guns can be fully installed at the same time;

3. The vacuum system can increase moulding speed and reduce cooling time. besides reduce moisture content of the products and lower energy consumption;

4.Dual Cylinder is equipped on the tope of the rack to make the machine running steadily and work coordinately and improve the productivity;

5. Hydraulic system adopts different fast devices to improve the speed of moving mould journey. reaching a maximum of about 200mm/sec.;

6. Most components used in the machine are world famous brand with its reliable performance. stable quality. long service life and low maintenance cost advantages; Two types of Automatic Moulding Machines A: Mechanical de-moulding ejecting device B: Pneumatic de-moulding ejecting device.


3D panel


Longwell EPS has professional mold EPS 3D Wall Panels Production Line technology, has dozens of long-term cooperation foreign customers, realizes automatic operation and saves labor costs.



EPS 3D Wall Panels Line

3D Wall Panels Production Line

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