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Classification and structure of foam forming machines


The foam shape machine adopts a variety of heating and foaming methods, and can make use of the old molds in good condition of the earth machine. Without changing the workshop environment, the machine can also be in a good state, so that the product can reach the quality of a full-automatic vacuum shape machine.

Foam shape machine is divided into full-automatic foam shape machine and semi-automatic foam shape machine. The details are as follows:

1、 Full automatic foam shape machine


1. Using PLC programmable control machinery and touch screen control, it can produce all kinds of foam plastic products that are difficult to form, demold and have high moisture content.

2. Equipped with high-pressure feeding system, the mold has fast feeding speed and sufficient feeding capacity. 25-36 automatic feeding guns can be installed at the same time.

3. The product ejection rack uses double cylinders to move, which is stable and coordinated, and will not cause product ejection damage.

4. The full-automatic foam shape machine is equipped with a vacuum pumping system to accelerate the forming speed of foam plastic products, shorten the cooling time and reduce the water content of foam plastic videos.

2Semi automatic foam shape machine


1. Compact structure, space saving, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, manpower and materials saving, each person can operate 2-4 machines at the same time.

2. The imported hydraulic transmission system increases the clamping force, improves the clamping speed, shortens the molding cycle and saves energy.

3. Imported PLC programmable computer and DOPA human-machine interface touch screen are used to realize the whole control system, which has complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. It is fully automatic controlled by mold closing, feeding, foaming, mold opening and air stripping, and can realize product control in computer production.

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