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How to make foam packaging products


Let's first make a scientific introduction to how foam packaging is produced, foam packaging is made from expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw materials through hot processing by molds, and the packaging products produced by it are commonly known as foam. Foam packaging is made by pressing and mold processing. Then let's see how to manufacture foam packaging products:

1. First, according to the samples or drawings provided by the customer, design the three-dimensional drawings of the product. Make mold design according to customer requirements. The process requirements and manufacturing methods will finally determine the mold processing plan and material selection.

2. After the scheme is determined, 2D drawings of the product will be produced, and the foam model will be made by the model master.

3. The model is handed to the caster to cast the mold embryo and parts.

4. After the mold is cast, the programming engineer makes the processing program, and the CNC machining center is available for processing.

5 After processing, finish each core, cavity and spare parts, and check whether the precision dimensions are correct.

6. After each part is completed, the assembler will assemble the scattered parts together. A complete set of molds will be prepared, and a complete set of molds will be prepared after the final factory inspection. The qualified samples after the mold test can be sent to the customer.






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