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Maintenance methods of Shape Molding Machine


As we all know, if we want our equipment to operate normally for a longer time, we must maintain it. In this way, it can not only reduce the failure rate of the equipment, but also extend the service life of the equipment. Now let's take a look at how to maintain our shape molding machine.

Maintenance methods of shape molding machine

1. Check before and after use

1) We must check before and after using the foam molding machine. We need to make sure whether the equipment can be used normally and whether there is abnormal buzzing.

2) In particular, the indicator lights should be determined first. If there are some faults, the corresponding indicator lights will also light up directly, so we can not operate normally. We must check first, and make sure that the faults are solved before using.

3) After use, stop the equipment, turn off the relevant power supply and valves, and do not continue to use, power on, etc. to avoid unnecessary problems. 

2. Carry out simple maintenance regularly

In fact, the maintenance of the shape molding machine is not very difficult, and the staff who usually use it also know how to deal with it. For most businesses, everyone should carefully operate it and check it regularly in rotation, so that we can know what problems have occurred and whether some parts need to be replaced. As long as the maintenance is simple, it can also avoid many problems. Extending the service life of the equipment can ensure our rights and interests.

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